Librixer is a part of Sweden’s first green protein factory opened by GroPro.

January 19 GroPro opened Sweden’s first green protein factory in Bjuv for refining protein from peas. The inauguration was celebrated through a digital event with several interesting speakers including state government, representatives from the business sector, research institute, and GroPro´s CEO, Bengt Persson.

The market for plant-based protein is rapidly growing and developments within the vegetable protein area is now even more competitive with this addition. GroPro will be the first Swedish company offering protein from legumes that has grown, being processed and distributed for the Scandinavian market. The technology process is unique with an energy consumption that is about a fifth of traditional protein production.

Librixer’s Liberator units plays a central role in the manufacturing process, contributing with peeling of the soft hull from the peas and the liberation as well as micronization of both protein and starch mechanically void of chemicals.

“We are proud to finally see the Librixer Liberators in action and are extra glad that the inauguration raised so much attention. This is a big milestone for food industry in general and a giant leap towards more sustainable food production. It’s a real honor to be able to contribute to more alternatives on the vegan market” says Jonas Ekwall, CEO at Librixer.

The Librixer technology does not only contribute to more sustainable food production, the process itself is dry, fast and energy efficient without chemicals and zero emission – making the whole manufacturing process both more sustainable and efficient.

Except for being used for plant-based protein production, the Librixer technology can be used in many contexts, contributing to more sustainable products and productions. For example, you can use the technology for environmental extraction of metals from ore, recycling of glass fibers from worn out wind turbines, liberate cotton fibers from textiles and many other applications.

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