Librixer reinforces the organization to reach the next level – appoints new CEO & CTO.

Librixer, the company behind the liberation technology concept that recently made GroPro’s plant-based protein factory in Sweden a reality, now strengthens its organization to speed up growth through international business development. Librixer’s revolutionary technology makes it possible to extract protein and starch from legumes, reuse your own excess production material, liberate cotton fibers from clothes and many other applications. Now it’s time to bring this remarkable solution to the rest of the world with the help of a new management team.

Librixer appoints Phär Oscár as new CEO and Thomas Lindström as CTO from April 1, 2022. Phär has a strong industrial and entrepreneurial background from recycling, waste management, sustainable manufacturing and technology progression – covering everything from senior management positions at large corporations such as Stena Metall to CEO assignments at smaller start-ups in growth phases.

“We want a strong force who could help us take the next big leap and adapt our revolutionary technology and sustainable concept solution for new international markets. Someone with an entrepreneurial approach and experience from accelerating and scaling up companies that are in the same phase as Librixer. We also value a background from leading positions at larger industry companies relating to our focus areas and international business development capability. Phär just ticked all our boxes and we are very glad to have him onboard” says Christine Bjärkby, Chairman of the board at Librixer.

“What really gets me started is taking an advanced technology to market and at the same time build a company in an international environment. I have had the privilege of experiencing a few such processes satisfying my entrepreneurial profile. When I was contacted by Librixer I got truly excited about the technology, business opportunities and, not least, the positive potential impact on the climate – for me it is fantastic when environmental friendly services and business go hand-in-hand”, says Phär Oscár.

The other reinforcement, Thomas Lindström as the new CTO, has been on the Librixer journey from the beginning as a consultant. Thomas was previously employed by Qamcom, a research and technology expert company and one of the co-owners of Librixer.  

The organizational reinforcement will accelerate Librixer’s plans to expand globally. The main focus will be on the food and recycling industry followed by the Industry and Mining segments.

Librixer’s current CEO and co-founder Jonas Ekwall will not move very far. He will be appointed as CEO at the joint venture GroPro Solution AB, a system integrating company providing process solutions for the food industry based on Librixer’s concept and technology. Jonas will gradually increase his engagement in GroPro Solution during the spring and will continuously be part-time active in Librixer after that period.

Phär Oscár – new Librixer CEO


Librixer is a Swedish innovation company with the mission to redefine sustainability by liberating locked value, refine products, reuse materials and reduce waste, also resulting in a significantly reduced CO2 footprint. The technology solution makes it possible to liberate and extract different kinds of raw materials from various objects. For example, you can claim vegan protein from legumes, metals from rocks or cotton from clothes. Not to mention that you can make your whole production process more sustainable and efficient at the same time. Read more at:

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