The Librixer technology is being tested in the textile industry.

On April 21, Science Park Borås and Librixer invited several companies from the fashion and textile industry to a workshop at Librixers test center in Skillingaryd, Sweden. The workshop is a part of the EU project CircularMovement, with the mission to identify digital tools and technology solutions that can enable more sustainable production and circular processes.

The purpose with the workshop was to discuss the challenges that the Textile Industry is facing from a sustainability perspective and identify different ways to optimize recycling processes – especially when it comes to the handling of consumed and unsold garments.

The workshop was concluded with tangible tests where different clothes and textile products where run through the Librixer Liberator machine. The participants could there first-hand see how, for instance, work-clothes became fibers, plastic component and liners, and metals ready for sorting and re-use again in front of their eyes!