Comex and Librixer cooperate installing production equipment at GroPro.

On Monday 16 May Phär Oscár and Jonas Ekwall from Librixer AB visited Comex Polska Sp. z o.o. in Oświęcim not far from Kraków in Poland. Comex and Librixer have cooperated in installing production equipment at GroPro AB in Bjuv, Sweden.

Comex has delievered a particle sorting solution and Librixer the communition equipment to the protein factory located in Bjuv in southern Sweden. GroPro is Sweden’s first green protein factory built for refining protein from peas.

Librixer was invited to the brand new Comex facility and was enjoying a visit to the laboratories and test center. The Comex CEO Jacek Kolacz guided the Librixer representatives in the facility and explained the technology in detail.

Comex delivers cost-effective equipment and technologies for production and classification of fine powders and optical separation of large particles.

Mr Kolacz, Mr Ekwall and Mr Oscár discussed enhanced cooperation in mutually interesting customer projects together with the Comex experts in particle separation.