New strategic partner for Asia invests $2 million in Librixer.

Librixer AB and Singapore-based Polaris Innovation Pte Ltd. have formed a new strategic partnership with the aim of bringing Librixer’s technology to the Asian market with a primary focus on the food sector. Polaris Innovation has invested $2M in Librixer in conjunction with entering this partnership.

A mutual ambition and a logical next step are the establishment of an Application Center in Asia to serve as a platform for the Asian market entry.

Polaris Innovation was founded in Singapore by Henry Soesanto, the CEO of Monde Nissin with HQ in the Philippines (the owner of Quorn), Petteri Makitalo who is the founder of CocoLibre Corp. and Martial Beck, Director of Polaris Innovation.

During his recent visit to Librixer in Sweden to learn more about the technology and to discuss the future cooperation, Martial says he has a “very strong confidence in the micronization technology of Librixer and its ability to “make more with less”. 

As a result of the partnership Mr Henry Soesanto, the CEO of Monde Nissin has entered the board of directors of Librixer.

“We are extremely happy to have access to our new partners’ expertise within our focus area food. Based on Polaris Innovation’s market presence combined with Librixer’s unique technology and solutions, this partnership provides a platform for an expansion of our business in the Asian region” says Christine Bjärkby Chairman and CEO Librixer.

Christine Bjärkby – Chairman of the board
Henry Soesanto – CEO of Monde Nissin
Martial Beck – Director of Polaris Innovation

About Librixer

Librixer is a Swedish innovation company with the mission to redefine sustainability by liberating locked value, refine products, reuse materials and reduce waste. The technology makes it possible to micronize and liberate different kinds of raw materials along the natural boundaries from various objects. For example, you can claim vegan protein from legumes, metals from rocks or cotton from clothes. Not to mention that you can make your whole production process more sustainable and efficient at the same time. Read more at:

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