The Librixer Liberator – Liberates materials to be recycled and reused. 

The unique qualities of the Librixer Liberator are based on a proven technology that reaches into the very core of the circular economy – maximizing resources and minimizing waste.

The Librixer Liberator in a process

The Librixer Liberator makes it possible to liberate and extract different kinds of raw materials from various objects – enabling you to refine and reuse your own materials while reducing waste in a more efficient and sustainable way. Librixer utilizes many types of high frequency physics simultaneously to liberate and micronize materials; enabling them to be purposefully both used and reused.

You could call it magic – we call it a lean, clean anti-greenwashing-machine.

Example of how the Librixer Liberator is integrated in a food process


Librixer model             

Process type                       

Operating principle             

Operating speed          

Machine steel              

Surface finish                      

Drive options                      

Rotor assembly                   

Machine Options                 


Height (machine only)          


Electrical power

Librixer 21”             

Continuous without grinding media                      

High-frequency stress and particle collisions            

500-3800* rpm (*depends on model)      


Standard Ra=6,3   / Food grade Ra= 1,2

Top drive with direct drive / Side drive with belt drive

4 or 6 levels                

With cooling               

(*up to) 3200kg                              

4200mm (Direct drive) / 3270mm (Belt drive)

1600x1500mm (Direct drive) / 1600x1800mm (Belt drive)        

3×400 VAC (EEC), 90 kW motor

While traditional milling technologies force materials to come apart with high energy methods, such as compression, impact, friction and sheering, Librixer works in harmony with the materials; making them break along natural boundaries. Since the physical contact between material and machine is limited, the process demands less energy.

Librixer utilizes all possible types if high frequency physics simultaneously to liberate and micronize materials; enabling them to be purposefully reused.

Turn clothes into cotton and peas into vegan burgers.

See the Librixer film to learn more:

This is how it works

You insert an object in one end of the Librixer machine, this could be a pea, a pair of jeans, French oak chips or a rock. The machine does its thing through a mechanical process. In the other end you will have micronized liberated components of the source material: vegan protein, ore, cotton fibers, or oak powder. After mechanical sorting you can either make new products or remake the products you already made.

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