Are you ready to be liberated?

We redefine sustainability through a dry, fast and energy-efficient material comminution process that maximizes resources and minimizes waste.

Ready to liberate

  • A dry, fast and energy efficient material comminution process.
  • Makes the food production process more sustainable and efficient.
  • Liberates protein and starch from legumes.
  • Utilizes high frequency physics simultaneously to liberate and micronize materials.
  • Enabling different materials to be purposefully both used and reused.
  • You could call it magic – we call it a lean, clean anti-greenwashing machine.

The Librixer Liberator

With the Librixer Liberator it is possible to mechanically liberate components in seeds and grains, for example, vegan protein and starch, metals from rocks, recycle glass fiber from wind turbines, or re-use cotton fibers from textiles.

Our industries


Maximize sustainable food potential and minimize waste

The Librixer technology solution enables concentrating protein from legumes and makes the whole food production process more sustainable and efficient.


Maximize recycling efficiency and minimize waste deposit

The Librixer technology solution makes glass, metal, paper, plastic and battery recycling more efficient and with less waste deposit.


Maximize mining efficiency and minimize waste

The Librixer technology solution, through dehydration and micronization, enables efficient and sustainable refining of metals and minerals

Who the h*** are we?

Librixer is a Swedish innovation company with the mission to redefine sustainability by liberating locked value, refine products, reuse materials and reduce waste – resulting in a significantly reduced CO2 footprint.

Be part of the solution

We offer technology, education and support for conversion towards a more efficient and impactful sustainability process. Get ready to be liberated.

Careers at Librixer

We're growing and looking for more people to join us! Want to work with technology that can actually make a difference in the material waste streams? Follow the link to learn more about working with us.

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We work in harmony with materials.

In contrast to traditional milling, which forces materials to randomly break apart with high force, we aim to liberate materials. We do this through micronizing – separating materials along natural boundaries with controllable, gentle, multi-directional forces.

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Sustainability redefined.

We are a progressive company and refuse to be stuck in old patterns and square boxes. We offer a brand new view on what’s sustainable or not. An eye-opener for what’s actually possible.

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We like to call ourselves liberators, mainly because that's exactly what we and our machine do – liberating locked value by extracting the raw materials from an object.