Who the h*** are we?

Librixer is a Swedish innovation company with the mission to redefine sustainability by liberating locked value, refine products, reuse materials and reduce waste – resulting in a significantly reduced CO2 footprint.

Watch the film to see how we explain who the h*** we are

We like to call ourselves liberators, mainly because thatʼs exactly what we and our machine do. Liberating locked value by dissembling the raw materials from an object. Librixer offers real sustainability by enabling refined, reduced, recycled and reused resources in so many contexts. We call it a lean, clean antigreenwashing machine that will redefine sustainability.

Meet Hanna – One year at Librixer

Meet Hanna, one of our most dedicated employees and learn about her first year at Librixer.

When is Librixer a good choice?

When you are ready to rethink common ways and refuse to be stuck in old patterns. When you don't settle for just changing the rules, but want to remake the whole game. When you value solutions that are not only good for business, but for the whole planet. When you want to make an impact but not leave any footprint. When you want to be liberated.

The Librixer values


We offer a brand new view on what’s sustainable or not. An eye-opener for what’s actually possible. 


We offer a pragmatic walk the walk philosophy for hands-on results. Again and again and again…


We are progressive and refuse to be stuck in old patterns and square boxes. We challenge the rules by creating our own game.

We didn’t just change the rules, we changed the whole game.

What Librixer offers


Our solution enables sustainable products, processes and production. It can also help you to recycle and reuse your own materials.


Our solution enables more extraction, less waste, less energy consumption and more gained value in the process and production.


Our solution enables completely new products from the liberated materials.

Flöjelbergsgatan 7A
SE-431 37 Mölndal