Librixer forms a collaboration with Cimbria – the leading industrial processing company

The alliance between Librixer and Cimbria will take sustainable food production to a whole different level – making it even more efficient to produce plant-based protein and refine crops.

Cimbria will complete Librixers technology process with machinery for the cleaning stages, which are key for the complexity related to legume processing. Together with Librixers unique dry and energy-efficient technology that liberates and micronizes materials, new synergies can be created. The partnership between Librixer and Cimbria will make it possible to provide a wider and more comprehensive offering and by that, significantly increase the customer value.

Librixer and Cimbria are not completely new to each other, in early 2022 they worked together as key technology suppliers – to enable the first plant-based protein factory in Bjuv, Sweden.

“Cimbria’s vision is to make sustainability and efficiency two sides of the same coin. That aligns well with Librixer’s vision to redefine sustainability and make a difference by offering a solution that increases sustainability, efficiency and innovation. This partnership is a perfect match, both when it comes to complementary technologies and shared values” says Patrik Ryrberg, Sales at Librixer.

“From Cimbria’s side, we very much appreciate Librixer’s comminution technology which offers fantastic opportunities in food production processes. This collaboration will give both companies an enhanced position on the market to offer key customers more efficient production processes”, says Thomas Mohr, Sales Director Grain at Cimbria.

About Librixer

Librixer is a Swedish innovation company with the mission to redefine sustainability by liberating locked value, refining products, reusing materials, and reducing waste, also resulting in a significantly reduced CO2 footprint. The technology solution makes it possible to liberate and extract different kinds of raw materials from various objects. For example, you can extract vegan protein from legumes, metals from rocks, or cotton from clothes. Not to mention that you can make your whole production process more sustainable and efficient at the same time.

About Cimbria

Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies in industrial processing, handling, and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs, and other bulk products. Cimbria is more than the equipment we produce. We are professionals who thrive on building creative solutions to bring your vision to life. We’ve been doing it since 1947. We combine the right technology with the right team to bring it all together. Our purpose is your success. You can feel confident because you have an expert at your side – helping you grow into the future.