Meet our new game-changer – Hanna Karlsson

We are proud to introduce our latest employee! Read the interview below to get to know Hanna a little better.

Hello Hanna, who are you and what have you done before?

I am a 25-year-old figure skater who also likes gaming and eating delicious food! I just got my degree earlier this year in Engineering Nanoscience, specializing in materials chemistry and sustainability. Working with sustainable materials has been my goal throughout my years of studying, to hopefully help us take better care of our planet’s resources.

What will you do at Librixer?

My role at Librixer is Project Manager. I will focus on contributing to existing customer and R&D projects, as well as working with climate impact analysis and vertical markets.

How and why did you join Librixer?

I heard about Librixer through a project at IKEA where I did my thesis. The technology caught my interest especially the potential to be able to recycle fiberglass composites, which was my topic at the time. After that, I decided to contact Librixer and then I was offered a job! It felt like the perfect combination of my two interests, sustainable development, and materials.

The Librixer technology and its potential to process several different types of materials felt very exciting. It’s fun to work with something you feel can make an actual difference!

What are the best things about working at Librixer?

Kind, passionate, and inspiring colleagues! That encourages me to do my best. Also grateful for the combination of being able to work technically and at the same time be involved in seeing customer projects take shape.

Finally, who is your favorite supervillain?

Loki from Marvel! As someone on Google said: “He is a charming, unpredictable, spontaneous, cunning, gifted, and extremely intelligent man”