Meeting with Anders Ådahl to demonstrate Librixer's great potential

Librixer, invited by Jonas Sandberg at Qamcom met newly elected “Riksdagsledamot” Anders Ådahl to an informal discussion around the Librixer Technology.

Eric Lundgren brought his magical suitcase with material illustrations of how material uniquely can be processed using the “Librixer Way”: One pass process creating values for all liberated fractions by “listening” to the material resulting in commercial processes working in harmony with nature.

After seeing the liberation of metals from minerals in bottom ash residue from waste to energy conversion, successfully dealing with production waste from car battery production and textile carpet production, and mechanical liberation of vegetable protein from legumes for meat substitute foods among several other interesting fields of abilities for this wonder machine; expressed: I am the extended arm between businesses, people and the Government, please tell me how I can assist you!