The Librixer team is growing with yet another progressive hero – Henrik Forsmark

We are proud to introduce our latest employee! Read the interview below to get to know Henrik a little better.

Hi Henrik, who are you and what have you done before?

Professionally my vision is to drive and develop corporate profitability, structure, and culture.

My leadership experience is built on various positions in the Swedish armed forces, the recycling industry, and steel distribution. I am contributing with clear leadership in changing environments and creating conditions to make a difference through collaboration.

One of the peaks of my career, so far, was when we built up an international electronic recycling business and by that more or less created a new industry.

What will be your role at Librixer?

I will step in to support and lead the journey of The Librixer’s final design and industrialization. I will contribute to implementing Librixer’s new strategy plan by developing processes for certain materials, including pre- and post-treatment to optimize the use of the fantastic Librixer technology.

How and why did you join Librixer?

I happened to meet Librixer’s chairman, Christine, more by chance. When learning about Librixer I got flashbacks from back in the days when I was part of building a new industry for electronics recycling in Europe. Although a lot of differences, there are also many similarities between Librixer and the recycling industry – both technically and commercially.

Finally, I wanted to be involved in developing a business that strongly contributes to combat climate change!

What´s the best thing about working at Librixer?

To build and grow the business by contributing my knowledge to the Librixer team.

Finally, who is your favorite superhero?

If I may stretch the concept of superhero a bit, I think Henrik Henriksson, CEO of H2 Green Steel. They truly challenge both CO2-free steel production and Hydrogen production to energy-intensive operations.